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Since 1905 offering technical excellence in the manufacturing of can seaming machines. Norwegian-Spanish company JK SOMME provides one of the most comprehensive, high quality, cost effective range of CAN SEAMERS in the world.

Designed for individual, multi-national companies & large scale indigenous manufacturers, the extensive range of can seamers is supplied throughout the world. Total quality solutions are offered for seaming all kind of irregular & round cans, from semi-automatic to fully automatic machines. With speeds from 10 to 300 cans/minute.

JK SOMME is committed to providing machine SPARES & a superior level of SERVICE BACKUP, reinforced by an extensive international network of agents & fully trained service engineers.

To date over 6.000 JK SOMME CAN SEAMERS have been sold worldwide.

  • Johannes Kielland Somme


    The Norwegian Johannes Kielland Somme and his wife Anna Petersen arrived in Spain from the city of Stavanger.

    Hired by the Norwegian timber company Sorensen Yakhelln & cia ("La Compañia de Maderas") soon he would become manager of the Bilbao branch.

    At that time industrial development in Bilbao was in full swing and there was a need to import Scandinavian pine wood for both mining and shipbuilding.

  • Sömme & Sundt


    Johannes founded the company "Sömme & Sundt" together with a partner at Hurtado Amezaga 11 in Bilbao.

    They manufactured mills for crushing rocks, rubber rings for cans, gas generators and represented various Norwegian companies. Among these were Grei (engines for land and sea), Balata Atlas (transmission belts) and C. Middlethon (can seamers for non round cans).

  • C. Middlethon


    Sömme & Sundt reached an agreement with C. Middlethon to start manufacturing the Reinerts can seamer under license in Bilbao (model S-135).

    Shortly afterwards they also began to manufacture seamers for round cans. These were all manufactured under the brand name SOMME. More than 600 Reinerts can seamers were sold in Spain and Portugal.

  • Old can seamers


    Johannes' sons, Jan K. and Carlos, joined the commercial department while his other son, Jacob (engineer), joined the technical department.

    The range of can seamers manufactured in Bilbao was composed by eight models: three table top manual can seamers for home canning (S-5, S-10 and Type 59), three semiautomatic can seamers for round cans (S-120, S-125 and S-130), and two semiautomatic can seamer for irregular cans (S-135 and S-140 Reinerts type).

  • 1950


    The company moved to new bigger premises at the town of Erandio and changed its name to Somme S.A.

    Jan K. Somme becomes the general manager.

  • 1954


    The company developed the first fully automatic can seaming machines designed by Jacob Somme.

    The fully automatic can seamer models S-312, S-312 LT, S-316, S-318 and S-320 LT were developed; as well as the semiautomatic can closer models: S-220, S-222, S-230, S-240 and S-250.

  • 1972


    Jan K. Somme's son, Oscar Somme, joined the company leading the development of a completely new family of can seamers. Featuring the models S-333, S-343, S-434 and S-444 all of them equipped with a revolutionary rotary clincher that allowed to work highly ovefilled cans.

    The can seamers S-434 and S-444 became the world reference for irregular can seaming reaching speeds up to 100 club cans per minute. These two machines would gradually replace all the old Lubeca LW 303 and Trio TAF seamers that were still in operation in many fish canning industries

  • 1978


    The irregular can seamer Marina 424 is launched to the market; featuring five seaming heads and a rotary clincher with six stations making it possible to reach speeds over 200 club cans per minute.

    More than 200 workers were employed by Somme S.A becoming the absolute world leader in irregular can seamers for the canning industry.

  • 1990


    After almost one hundred years, SOMME S.A. closed down due to the effects of a lack of workforce flexibility and a slump in its traditional markets. It was a huge blow for the whole Somme family ending a century of entrepeneurism.

  • 1997


    Oscar Sømme took over the family saga founding JK SOMME, initials of Jan Kielland Somme.

    JK SOMME returned to manufacturing the SOMME flagship models, under new, more commercial names, and introduced numerous technical improvements. The MASTER 446 (ex-S-444) and VIKING 465 (ex-Marina 424) non-round can seamers began to be produced.

  • 2005


    JK Somme celebrated its centenary by launching the BOX class. Over its six-year commercial life-time more than 100 MASTER 446 BOX and VIKING 465 BOX were sold.

    The company moved to larger premises at the industrial complex of Santecilla, located at 25 Km from Bilbao.

  • 2011


    The In Blue range was launched in a clear commitment to quality and design. The first In Blue seamers were installed in France, Portugal and Brazil.

    After 15 years of intense activity, JK SOMME is once again the world leader in non-round can seamers.

  • 2011


    Launching of the Neptune family, the first ever modular can seamer. Multiple configurations, can size possibilities and productions. The can seamer everyone was asking for. And there is one more thing... coming soon.

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