Can Seaming Innovation

Introduction by Oscar Somme

Oscar Somme
Not only do we make robust and reliable machines but we now add a leading-edge design that mixes originality with the highest quality.

Dear friends and clients,

In Blue is the name we have given to the new design philosophy in JK Somme that involves all the departments in the company. It is a long-term project that searches for a response to a need for innovation and improvement. We hope to give a UNIQUE PERSONALITY to our can seamers while increasing the quality and improving the final finish.

In 2011 we presented the new range of In Blue non-round can seamers consisting of the Master 440 and its big brother, the Viking 460.

The first impressions could not have been more positive. Many of our clients have already described the In Blue machines as "the Rolls-Royce of irregular can seamers." This keeps up our spirits and enhances our inventive and development capability. We will soon launch new models that promise to be totally original and innovative.

Our intention is to change the preconceived idea of can seamers and we believe we are achieving it.

Takk så mye / Thank you very much,

Oscar Somme
General Manager