Heavy-duty, compact and with stainless steel finish
For seaming small and medium sized round cans made of tinplate, aluminum or composite.
Accepting cans with a diameter range of 47 - 105 mm and heights from 25 - 120 mm.
Up to 200 cans per minute or 90000 cans per shift.
Rotary carousel with 4 seaming heads, still standing can seam operation.
Stainless steel finish, ergonomic and cutting edge design.


4 seaming heads, up to 90.000 cans per shift

Round cans seamed with Omega 200

Four autonomous stainless steel seaming heads carousel each with x2 first and x2 2nd operation seaming rolls for closing small and medium size round cans.

Its excellent seaming quality meets the toughest international seaming standards (American FDA, Canadian CFIA) and is backed by the most renowned can makers.

Main advantage: still standing can seam operation

The most perfect system for closing a can

During the seaming operation cans stand still, without moving.
Seaming heads
Benefits of a non-revolving can seam operation:
  1. Product inside does not suffer the centrifugal effect occurred with rotary seaming op. seamers. Especially problematic with products such as tuna flakes, condensed milk, sticky sauces, etc which tend to displace towards the can wall creating a hole in the center of the product & causing a strange product effect when opening the can.
  2. Plain seaming chucks (without grooves) avoiding the lost of lacquer on the seam walls. Working tinplate cans in tropical countries with much humidity the use of grooved seaming chucks can tear apart the protective lacquer and create rust. With plain seaming chucks you reduce considerably the chances of rust appearance.
Plain seaming chucks avoids the lost of lacquer on the seam walls.

Stainless steel finish

Long lasting operation

All external parts in contact with the can are made in stainless steel or treated against corrosion.

Top table completely covered with a collecting tray for recovering fallen liquids.

Very compact and totally mechanical

Compact can seamer

Its size is incredibly compact and its shape is cubic, no edges, and no sharp angles.

An Omega 200 without can entrance conveyor occupies just 1 square meter.

Its small dimensions make its weight also reduced allowing to be moved by the factory with two pallet trucks.

Robust mechanical machine, user-friendly adjustments, very quiet, continuous and causes minimal spillage.

Proven fiability and Robustness

Made for lasting a life time

Since 1905, SOMME legendary can seamers have a reputation for being almost indestructible, real "working mules".

How many SOMME machines over 60 years old are still working in the canneries worldwide? You would be surprised.

A family tradition now in its third and fourth generation remaining faithful to two basic principles based on quality and innovation.


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Axel Somme
Spare parts & technical service
Javier Castillo