Irregular can seamers

JK Somme irregular can seamers have become the can seaming machines of choice for fish, meat & vegetable canneries worldwide.

Our product line of non round can closers is characterized by the "In Blue" familly, providing unmatched can size versatility & proven robustness. Master 440 In Blue is the undisputed leader in the single seaming head category; while the 5 heads Viking 460 In Blue has introduced a variety of key innovations boosting productions up to 100.000 cans every 8 hours.

Our speciality

JK Somme irregular can closing machines excel at seaming 1/4 club, dingley, oval OL 120, 1/2 Ib oval, 1 Ib oval, hansa, large hansa, 1-2-3, 1/4 P-long, 1/15 anchovy can, 4/4, USA square coffee can, pear shaped can, jockey, rectangular oil can, fiesta, spam type for luncheon meat & corned beef, pullman ham can, filters...and many more.